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Our Story

Seeing my husband, children, and grandchildren suffer from gluten has inspired me to bake gluten desserts and foods for my family.  I would often take desserts to people's homes, parties, or events and one of the many inspiring and recurrent comments; "I can't believe this is gluten free".  The positive remarks and reactions became my passion.  I have decided to open a gluten free bakery where I can share great-tasting, gluten-free desserts, and savory baked goods for everyone to enjoy.  The goal is to make our products available to everyone, whether you are stopping by a cafe, or a cocktail hour at a wedding, or picking up some treats at the supermarket, we want you to be able to enjoy our goodies.  Our goal is to our products available at all these outlets.


Our commitment to quality will never change! 

  • We will always remain a gluten-free facility. 

  • We will use the best ingredients available. 

  • We use non-GMO and natural ingredients when possible. 

  • We will never use preservatives. 

  • We will never use artificial food colors. 

  • We will never use carrageenan or gellan gum 

  • We will always use aluminum free baking powder 

  • We will never use canola, corn, cotton seed, soybean, sunflower, safflower, or peanut oils. 


Our products are made with the commitment to using clean ingredients that will leave you feeling guilt free and satisfied. We believe you do not have to sacrifice your health for taste; indulge in our delicious Gluten-Free treats today! 


You can purchase our products on this website and soon to be found in other retail outlets. 



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